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Resources for Education

A critical challenge in the medical sciences is the expanded access to information. Although it sounds quite ironic, the greater availability of information meas that there is more access to false or unscientific claims. Our goal at the PMT Research Institute is to not only contribute high-quality, data-driven research, but to also disseminate scientifically supported knowledge for public consumption.

Towards that goal, we are providing lectures, publications, and timely public health statements that will help inform teachers, parents, and friends of the cutting-edge research generated by the scientific community.

Just for Kids

Fun Experiments

Invest today, and reap the benefits tomorrow! As part of a collaboration with the other divisions at the Holeigh J. Skyler Foundation - Marston Reports and Midnight Central Theatre Co. - we aim to encourage, engage and excite the next generation of scientists, writers, and artists. Our contribution at the PMT Research Institute will include do-it-yourself experiments, a forum for homework Q&A, science fair mentoring, and educational presentations catered to our jr. scientists. Take a photo of your scientific discoveries and send them in for our quarterly photo contest!